Our Commitment to Sustainability


At Inicorn, we believe in creating a better world through technology. That’s why we’re committed to corporate sustainability and working to minimize our impact on the environment. From our operations to our product offerings, we strive to be a responsible and environmentally conscious company that closes the loop.

Our commitment to sustainability begins with our operations. We’ve implemented a number of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, including reducing energy use in our office, in-house recycling and utilizing renewable energy sources whenever and wherever possible. We believe in leading by example and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainability practices.

In addition to our internal operations, we’re also committed to promoting sustainability through our product offerings. Plixstar, our cloud-based eCommerce platform, is designed to help businesses transit into e-Biz and optimize their operations chain. By streamlining processes and reducing paper usage, Plixstar helps businesses minimize their impact on the environment.

We understand that sustainability is about more than just reducing our carbon footprint. It’s about creating a better world for future generations. That’s why we’re committed to working with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Whether it’s reducing energy use, reducing waste, or promoting sustainable business practices, we’re here to help.

Our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing process, and we believe that it’s an essential part of our role as a technology company. We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and we’re committed to doing our part to create a better world.

In conclusion, corporate sustainability is a key part of Inicorn’s mission and we are fully committed to working towards it every day. We believe that our products, operations and initiatives have the power to make a positive impact on the world and we are proud to be a part of that change.